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For every cleaning challenge we’ve got a solution. From high end floor cleaners to the freshest dish wash solutions. Visit the showroom and your cleaning problem will be solved!

When it comes to chemicals there are many, many options. There are special solutions for almost any cleaning challenge. For concrete floors, for wood, for tiles, for toilets, for stainless steel, for cars, for boats….. We can continue the list, but we recommend you to contact us with any cleaning challenge you might face. Our professional team will have a solution for you. 


When it comes to chemicals we have all the renowned brands in our store. With brands such as NCL, Spartan and our own Bay West family we’ve got you covered!

High-end brands and affordable solutions
Eco friendly bio-degradable products. Safe to use around pets!
Special chemicals for hospitals, medical practices, animal care, hotels, restaurants and more!
Save time, money and energy with the right solution for your cleaning challenge!

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