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Horeca Supplies

Horeca Supplies & Disposables

From bamboo cups to paper straws, bags, unbreakable glass and so much more. Everything for hotels, restaurants, hospitality, catering and more, you will find with us!

As a business owner in the hospitality industry your time is limited. A good partner when it comes to selecting, ordering and maintaining the right stock for your disposables, bags, straws and more is a must! Our knowledgeable team will help you select the right products for the most affordable prices.

With over 2000 products in (green) disposables you will surely find anything you need when it comes to cups, bags, straws, unbreakable glassware and more!

Find out more about our 100% biodegradable food service items from Tellus. 


Whether you look for green cups or other disposables that are less heavy on the environment or if you are just looking for the strongest garbage bags, you’ll find it at Bay West.

If you want to know how huge our assortment is, visit our fresh showroom and our professional staff will sort you out immediately. 

Green disposables: cups, bags, straws, you name it!
The strongest garbage bags! For the smallest bins up to the big green kliko's and everything in between!
Our assortment of unbreakable glassware (from shotglass to champagne flutes) is of the highest quality and you will barely see the difference between this and real glass!

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