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A clean kitchen

A clean kitchen

From the most bad-ass chemicals to clean your kitchen to easy to use sponges and towels for a super neat kitchen!

In professional kitchens the main goal is to cook fantastic meals and serve the best dishes to the front of the house. The only way to do this professionally is in a clean kitchen. At Bay West you will find literally every solution when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, appliances, floors and more!  

Are you ready to use the best possible solutions to keep your kitchen clean? Visit our showroom or contact us if you want a representative to visit your business!


Focus on your cooking skills in a clean and fresh kitchen. With solutions for the kitchen, kitchen floors, appliances and extractors, Bay West is your one-stop-shop!

Chemicals for counter tops and kabinets
Specialty solutions for kitchen floors. Avoid slippery floors. Easy to use self-cleaners!
Cleaning equipment such as sponges, rugs, and pan washers.
Chemicals that can be used safely around food
All possible solutions when it comes to food processing area's. Ensure a safe work environment.

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