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Burger King

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Outdoor Cleaning

The Burger King Restrooms

At Burger King, hygiene is a major part of the daily operations. From the moment you step inside the restaurant until you leave, you can expect a clean and tidy environment. Bay West supports Burger King with keeping these high hygiene standards. 

All restroom requirements such as the air fresheners, toilet paper supply and the anti bacterial hand soap are all being provided by Bay West Caribbean.


A neatly maintained building is an important asset to every organization. When it comes to restaurants, a clean restroom says a lot about the rest of your business. When it is clean and smells fresh, customers are way more likely to return to your location to enjoy a meal!

The Bay West team supports you in making sure that your restroom are always clean & tidy and that you never are without re-fills on your air freshers or toilet bowl fresheners! 

Great dispensing systems also for smaller restrooms!
Professional staff and timely replacement of re-fills when needed.
From paper towel dispensers to air fresheners and from toiletbowl refreshers to cleaning chemicals. We've got it all!

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