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Pelican Express

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Working with Pelican Express

The Pelican Express is operational since 1991 on Curaçao and provides day trips, a water taxi service, dolphin trips, sunset tours, boat trips and more!
Because the standards in the navigation industry are very high, hygiene plays an important role when preparing the ship for tours and activities. The captain of the Pelican Express explains why this is so important and how the cooperation with Bay West Caribbean helps them to keep their standards on a very high level. 


Jaro says that because Bay West Caribbean is a local company and has all the required chemicals and equipment to keep the boat clean and free from bacterias and viruses and delivers them in a timely manner. We are proud of this cooperation and wish the Pelican Express a lot of safe and clean trips!

The right chemicals and equipment within the high standards
A clean and safe environment for all visiting guests on board
Materials and equipment is delivered next or same day!

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