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Our initiatives and green solutions

When sourcing the best cleaning and hygiene products for you, we are continuously thinking about the effects on the environment. Therefor we select Biodegradable and eco friendly products. As a result we have a green alternative for every foam tray or plastic cup! We are steadily working towards completely transforming our assortment to green products and recyclable solutions wherever we can.

A smaller footprint

Are you looking to decrease or even eliminate the use of plastic or foam disposables in your business? We've sourced fantastic alternatives so you can run your business greener. From bamboo straws, paper cups and wooden utensils, we've got you covered when it comes to replacing that plastic cup or foam tray and as a result make you able to serve your customers with high standards!

Biorenewables by Spartan

Many people think that green cleaning solutions are less effective, however this is definitely not true when it comes to the BioRenewables line of products we have in our assortment. Spartan Chemicals developed this line to have less damage and less non-degradable chemicals in their solutions. Many of these products can also safely be used around pets. And it will leave no job unfinished! Green, but very very clean!
Vileda Professional

Durable and recycled

Did you know all the products we carry from Vileda professional are made from materials with the highest standards and where they possibly can they make use of recycled plastic. Because of the durability of the mopheads they can withstand many machine washes and therefor can be used way longer than other traditional mopheads. We are proud to carry the high end products that are available by Vileda Professional!

Self Sustainable Laundry

The laundry already works with biodegradable laundry products and detergents only! Besides that we are continuously improving our plant to become more self sustainable. We are on the lookout for green alternatives for our power and gas usage to minimize our footprint on the environment. and ways to re-use our water. By the end of 2025, the Bay West Laundry aims to be completely CO2 neutral!
Fresh Products

Eco Friendly Air Fresheners

The AIr Fresheners by Fresh Products we have in our assortment are all eco friendly. Besides eliminating the use of aerosols (which is also better for you!) the elements used in the Fresh Products dispensers are all biodegradable and eco friendly. Not only better for the environment, also better for you and your guests. Because the Fresh Products Air Freshener do not spray chemicals into the air, it also ensures that there is no residue on your floors!

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