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Market Info – Bonaire

Market Info – Bonaire

On behalf of Bay West Caribbean we are making a market inventory. We want to ask business owners or manager what type of products are needed the most when it comes to hygiene, cleaning and food service.
We’re interested to know what type of products you need! Bay West has a broad variety of products in their assortment. From dispensers to cleaning equipment such as brooms and mops and cleaning chemicals.
We are making an inventory of what is needed on Bonaire. You can help us by filling out this short survey to help us provide the right assortment for the market.
Amongst all participants we will raffle a 75$ discount voucher to be spend at Bay West Bonaire.

From the items below, which of the products do you think are missing on Bonaire or difficult to get?
Do you know Bay West Caribbean?
Can Bay West Caribbean contact you to provide information about their products?

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